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Surface Cleaners for Sale in Central PA

Save time and your back with a flat surface cleaner from the Power Wash Store of Central PA. We carry the brands you trust to make the work get done faster and more efficiently.

With a regular power washer setup—hose, gun, wand, nozzle—you have to make sure you evenly maintain the distance from what you’re spraying for the entire length of the surface. You know that’s a tough task if you’ve ever tried doing it for an entire workday. A flat surface cleaner ensures you clean with a consistent width and removes nearly all the need to exert yourself and stand with bad posture.

What is a Flat Surface Cleaner?

Flat surface cleaners are a system designed for easy cleaning of large, flat surfaces. It uses 2 or more tips on a spindle that rapidly spins around, keeping the tips at an even height from the surface to clean a large area evenly and quickly. The skirt around the base also keeps overspray to a minimum, which keeps you drier.

Buy New/Used or Trade-In

The Power Wash Store of Central PA has a large inventory of flat surface cleaners for you to choose from. Tell us what types of jobs you’re doing and how often, and we’ll show you the best options for getting things done right. With machines ranging from 8” handheld models for removing graffiti on walls to 48” models for cleaning parking lots and garages, we have you covered.

We carry new and lightly-used models, and also take trade-ins or rent out surface cleaners for residential or infrequent users. Stop in at the Power Wash Store of Central PA today for a free product demonstration. Call in advance to ensure product availability.

Rent Flat Surface Cleaners from Power Wash Store PA

Flat surface cleaners are user-friendly and efficient, and you don’t have to worry about leaving zebra stripes all over your surfaces if you’re a beginner. Surface cleaners require far less effort to maneuver than traditional pressure washers, and will save you time, money and mess.

Only need a flat surface cleaner for a few quick jobs or for a short time? Our flat surface cleaner rentals are affordable and reliable. We’ll even teach you how to use the machine before you leave our shop. Contact us today to find the perfect surface cleaner for your job.

Standard Wands vs Flat Surface Cleaners

Typical pressure washers use wand cleaners to remove grime from surfaces. While this works great for many cleaning applications, it doesn't work so well for driveways and sidewalks. A flat surface cleaner can clean surfaces four times faster than a wand, e.g. 15 mins instead of 60 mins. Flat surface cleaners also don't leave stripes as a wand does.

What Cleaner and Nozzles are Compatible with my Pressure Washer?

There is a variety of flat surface cleaner sizes. We have 19"-48" in stock at our store. Each surface cleaner has certain pressure washer requirements for proper functioning.

What size flat surface cleaner is compatible with your pressure washer?

Generally, you can take the GPM of your pressure washer and multiply that by 4 to get the maximum effective width. For example, 8 GPM x 4 = 32". There are some exceptions to this rule, so contact us with questions.

Recommended nozzle tip sizes:

Surface cleaners come with 2 or more nozzles. Nozzles are measured in fan pattern and GPM flow. A 25025 tip has a 25-degree  fan pattern and a 2.5 GPM flow. To determine nozzle size, divide your pressure washer's GPM by the number of nozzles. For example, an 8 GPM pressure washer could use a 2504 nozzle for a 2 nozzle machine. Having nozzles that are too small can cause the machine to float up off the surface. In such cases, you should increase the nozzle GPM size to bring it back down.


WW-2000-4-38 Classic Surface Cleaner - 4 Nozzle - 19

Classic 4-nozzle @ 19"

Clean more thoroughly with the Whisper Wash Classic 19" surface cleaner. The WW-2000-4-38 is a step up from the WW-2000 because it has 4 spray nozzles instead of 2.

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21-inch Surface Cleaner w/ Casters from Water Dragon

Surface Cleaner @ 21"

This is a great surface cleaner for both hot and cold water applications. Caster wheels reduce fatigue.

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WW-2000 Classic Surface Cleaner - 4 Nozzle - 19

Classic 2-nozzle @ 19"

Clean thoroughly with the Whisper Wash Classic 2 nozzle 19" surface cleaner.

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Whisper Wash Ground Force Surface Cleaner - 24

Ground Force @ 24"

Clean more evenly with the Whisper Wash Ground Force 24" surface cleaner. Four 4" casters make the machine glide smoothly with little effort

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Whisper Wash Maxima Surface Cleaner - 36

Maxima @ 36"

Get maximum surface coverage with this 36” surface cleaner. It’s equipped with 4 casters making it easy to move in any direction.

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Whisper Wash Mondo Force Surface Cleaner - 48

Mondo Force @ 48"

This 48" diameter, dual swivel surface cleaner is made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum for extreme durability.

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Whisper Wash Big Guy Surface Cleaner - 36

Big Guy @ 28"

One of our contractor’s favorite, this 28” surface cleaner has a deck constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum.

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Whisper Wash Big Guy Surface Cleaner - 36

Lil Big Guy @ 24"

It comes with two 10” air-filled tires and a 4” front caster making this unit easy to maneuver.

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Ergonomic Design

Adjust the handle/s of your surface spinner to fit your individual height and keep the strain off your wrists.

Fixed Nozzle Height

Your nozzles stay a fixed distance from the ground for the duration of the job and sit safely under a cover.

Water Containment Skirts

Nylon or rubber splash skirts keep your water and suds from spraying everywhere and creating more rinse work.


We carry flat surface spinner models with castors to help the machine glide smoothly and evenly across the surface.


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