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Turbo Nozzles for High-Power Pressure Washing in PA

Get commercial strength cleaning power. Turbo nozzles are designed to handle high PSIs and hot water temperatures. These power washer tips are a must-have for maintaining industrial cleaning standards.

Viper Rotating Turbo Nozzle from Pennsylvania's Power Wash Store


Viper Rotating Turbo Nozzle

Get the power of a direct water jet with the coverage of a wider angle nozzle. This rotating turbo nozzle improves the cleaning efficiency of pressure washers. Its design is lightweight to prevent user fatigue and durable enough to handle 5000 PSI. Rated for up to 190 degrees F and available in 4.5 & 5.5 sizes.

Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle from Pennsylvania's Power Wash Store

Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle

Get ten times the water pressure of typical pressure washer nozzles. Its wear-resistant design means a longer operating life.

The housing protector can handle up to 4350 PSI and 185 degrees F.

Rotomax Turbo Nozzle from Pennsylvania's Power Wash Store

Rotomax Turbo Nozzle

This easy-aim nozzle is rated for 3500 PSI. The Rotomax is available in 4.5, 5.5 & 6.5 nozzle sizes. This pressure washer tip is great for commercial applications where overhead operation is required.

Get zero degree impact with an expanded contact area.

Rotojet Turbo Nozzle from Pennsylvania's Power Wash Store

Rotojet Turbo Nozzle

This powerhouse of a nozzle features 5800 PSI capabilities. The Rotojet pressure washer tip is made of industrial brass and withstands hot water temperatures of 190 degrees F.

Get zero degree impact with a full 25 degrees of coverage. Available in 14 sizes, this nozzle combines power with versatility.


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