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Choosing the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

You have a power washer. Now it’s time to accessorize with the right foam nozzle, turbo nozzle or specialty use nozzle. The pressure washer tip is a vital power washer control mechanism. The nozzle controls water pressure, allowing you to remove stains without damage.

How Do Pressure Washer Nozzles Work?

Tiny components make a big difference when it comes to power washing. A smaller nozzle opening restricts water flow, increasing the velocity of the water stream. The larger the angle, the less pressure there’ll be. Most power washer nozzles are color-coded based on the pressure they provide. Choose the right nozzle type for your needs:Pressure washer nozzles: turbo & rotating power washer tips in Pennsylvania

  • Zero-degree: MAX Power
    • Direct water jet
    • Small coverage area
    • Sidewalk/driveway crevices
    • High areas that are hard to reach
  • 15-degree: Stripping
    • Concrete, brick, hard porous surfaces
    • Remove paint
    • Difficult stains & oil
  • 25-degree: Moderate Cleaning
    • Painted surfaces, wood, siding, fences, patios & equipment
    • Clean boats & cars
  • 40-degree: Delicate Spray
    • Screens, blinds & windows
  • 65-degree: Soaping
    • Soap nozzle for use with detergents

Rotary nozzles are highly valued because they combine the force of a direct jet with the spray area of a wider nozzle. They work by rotating the water jet at very high speeds- so fast that the water appears to spray in a cone shape.

All-in-one adjustable nozzles are also available for medium and light-duty machines.

The Best Nozzle Size & Angle

The right tip depends on what type of surface you’re trying to clean. If you’re a power washing newbie, there are a few rules of thumb to follow for preventing accidental damage.

When in doubt, start with a wider nozzle and keep your distance. Avoid narrow-angle nozzles when you’re new to power washing. In case the nozzle you choose has damaging effects, always test on a small area.  Sticking to a 25-degree or 40-degree tip should eliminate the risk of surface damage, but this extra precaution is still important. If you need more power, move closer to the surface before switching to a more aggressive nozzle.

While nozzle type is a major influence in water pressure, you should also take into account the tip size. Make sure you know the diameter of the nozzle hole. The smaller the hole, the stronger the pressure. Most nozzle manufacturers include a size chart to help determine the best size based on your pressure washer’s PSI.

Nozzles in Our Pennsylvania Power Wash Store

Variable Angle Nozzle
Hi-Lo pressure washer nozzle with variable angle

Our Hi-Lo Variable Angle Nozzle works for both chemical and cleaning applications. Pull back for pressure, push forward for soap and turn to adjust the angle of spray. The nozzle is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

PA Turbo Nozzle
PA pressure washer turbo nozzle

Our spring-loaded PA turbo nozzle has an 18-degree pattern to provide a whopping 5100 PSI.

Long Range Nozzle
Long range power washer nozzle in Pennsylvania

Apply soap easier with a long-range nozzle. Buy it in aluminum or Kynar. The tip is compatible with quick connect plugs.

Adjustable Cone Nozzle
Adjustable cone nozzle from Pennsylvania power wash store

Our Quick Connect Adjustable Cone Nozzle adjusts anywhere from zero to 60 degrees. This nozzle is great for applying chemicals or mild acids at 45 psi to 70psi.


Visit our Pennsylvania Power Wash Store location to browse our selection or visit our online store. Whether you’re looking for a threaded or quick release option, rotating or stationary, we have the right pressure washer nozzle for the job. With over 65 pressure washer brands, we’re sure to have the equipment you’re looking for. Check out our massive selection of PA pressure washer equipment online.



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