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Agent Clean Starter Kit

Agent Clean Starter Kit- $99.95 *plus shipping

Agent Clean Starter Kit

Agent Clean Starter Kit includes one gallon each of the following:

Agent Blue:
This heavy-duty degreaser is a power cleaning solution for use on spots or stains that cannot be effectively treated with SH or CH. Use it on siding, roofs, decks, concrete, and any other exterior surface. Agent Blue is an effective, water-based, biodegradable product.
Agent Blue: 2 oz per 5 gallon house wash
Agent Green:
Agent Green is a high quality chlorine enhancer, surfactant, and scent cover. Designed with practicality and efficiency in mind, this product reinforces bleach washes, aiding in cleaning power and effectiveness. It also includes a scent cover.
Agent Green:
32 oz per 50 gallons
2oz per 5 gal x-jet
8 oz per 5 gal down streamer
Agent Halt:
This high-quality bleach neutralizer and surfactant is ideal for rinsing bleach-washed surfaces to prevent damage to sensitive siding or external surfaces. It contains a scent cover, and is ideal for rinsing bleach residue from your equipment, hoses, pumps and vehicle.
Agent Halt:
8 oz per 5 gallon x-jet
8-16 oz per 5 gallon for cleaning pumps
Secret Agent:
Secret Agent is a high-quality foaming agent and scent cover designed to help cleaning solutions cling to the target surface. Secret Agent produces generous amounts of foam to prevent run off and improve the efficiency of your cleaning solutions.
Secret Agent:
28-36 OZ per 50 gal
1 oz per 5 gallon x-jet
4 oz per 5 Gallon down streamer


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